For Universities




Increase your global reach

Pre-recorded lectures can be accessed from anywhere in the world with no decline in quality.  Lecturo also supports up to broadcast-quality, low-latency live webcasts to lecture halls anywhere in the world.  Paired with a Home Studio, Lecturo delivers actual broadcast and theatre quality content to anywhere in the world

Cost effective

The pricing of Lecturo considers all the possible needs of a University.  In order to achieve maximum flexibility with our pricing scheme, we take into account the various types of courses, tutorials, labs more.  The cumulative number of hours a week these classes take up – starting at just $250 per semester/course.  Lecturo has very competitive pricing for all your video hosting needs.

Future proof

Lectures are recorded and stored in the highest quality the video allows for thereby future proofing your video archive investment

Contributes to student success

Designed intentionally for and with contribution from post-secondary students, Lecturo meets students’ greatest needs in distance education.  Lecturo includes automatic transcript generation and closed captioning, assisting students to better understand course material if they are more visual learners.  Of course, students can toggle this feature on and off.  A machine translation program is also integrated directly into Lecturo , allowing students to translate the closed captions thereby increasing an ESL students comprehension of course material and making your courses more attractive across the globe.

Single vendor

Lecturo is a single-vendor, end to end turnkey solution backed by 24/7 customer support.  No investment in local technical support training is required.