For Students




Built for students

Lecturo’s design team included post-secondary students to ensure that our user interface reflected the needs of students learning online.  With Lecturo, the student’s comprehension of material is greatly enhanced and increases the efficiency of reviewing key course material come exam season.

Ad-free, cost-free

We at WideNet have never come across a student that wished to see more ads during their study time.  With this in mind, we have built an ad-free platform for students, with no catch – no ads at no cost for students.

No username required

Knowing the inordinate number of usernames and passwords post-secondary students have, our goal was to ensure that none were needed for the use of this product.  All video content hosted on Lecturo is accessible through a URL posted directly into the course page of the class.

Video bookmarking

Great for reviewing or coming back to old concepts that weren’t clear the first time around, the video bookmarking feature is an indispensable tool for student comprehension.

Closed captioning

Lecturo automatically creates closed caption for professor’s video content.  This function is key for visual learners or anyone that could benefit from and enjoy enhanced website accessibility.  It is also possible, through machine-translation integrated into Lecturo, to have closed captions in languages other than the course’s original language.  It is perfect in helping second-language students better understand the content. 

Keyword search

Search through a single video or across all videos from a semester.  This function allows students to retrieve all the mentions of a particular concept.  Students save time and effort when reviewing difficult concepts that they are struggling with by conglomerating all mentions.

Screen-in-screen capabilities

When watching the lecture, students can use the screen-in-screen function to watch the video while also looking at another tab, window or even your desktop page.  This is particularly helpful for students who like to follow along with readings as profs go through them and for students who like to type their notes while still watching the lecture.