Offering superior, private, enterprise cloud distribution networks that are secure, reliable and focused on ethical treatment of users and their data.  Widenet will change the way you operate by providing world class technology combining open source knowledge and proprietary software at low-impact costs.

Key Features

Automated voice-to-text transcription, with manual override

Ad Free

Keyword Search in-video, script and metadata

Video Bookmarking

Ingestion, standardization and integration of video content

User-friendly interface management and organization

Cloud based video recording and editing

Secure data management




Widenet services are used by hundreds of companies around the world.  The fruits of our labour and expertise are top-end customized and private video distribution, workflow and content management solutions.  Learn more about our off-the-shelf products:

Widenet News Distrubtion

Lecturo Education Technology



Lecture capture and asynchronous viewing add value to courses by offering more flexibility and control to students.

A cloud-based video solution that is simple to use and unobtrusive, requiring no technical knowledge.

Share lessons and best practices with colleagues.

Viewer analytics give educators insight into what and how often students are watching, thereby helping to shape and improve lecture content and delivery



Powerful Search and Video distribution tools that lets you find the content you need, fast.

Fast, powerful text-based searching and filtering connects you with content you need.

Search your entire collection of up-to-the-minute breaking news, archive and stock footage with granular filtering and sorting … then download using Widenet’s file transfer acceleration.



Engage and strengthen your social media connection to your audience through the acquisition and timely posting of video and pictures from current community events and happenings.

Further a sense of community by engaging audience participation in the coverage of upcoming local events.

Interactive chat with UGC contributors, allowing you to request more content or get additional information.

Automated news alerts and real-time displays of new user-generated content allows you to get the jump on breaking news stories reported by the community.